Apples and other fall stuff

I’m excited that fall is here. I’ve been knitting and crocheting up a storm this year, and finally we get to wear some of it! I’m eager to taste pumpkin and apple flavored everything, and take a walk without passing out from heatstroke. And fall brings lots of opportunities for field trips!

Though it technically isn’t fall for a few more days, I’m counting this as a fall field trip. On Monday, Yuji, Chance and I went to the apple orchard. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. But Yuji & Chance learned a lot about apples and bought a bunch home.



We didn’t get to actually pick them… due to the weather this year the apples are all falling off the trees. So they had “gutters” set up under the leaves to catch the apples and the kids got to “pick” them out of there. Yuji and Chance were still really excited about it and are eating the apples like crazy, which is great because I thought there would be no way we would eat them all before they went bad (the pic isn’t even all we got, they’ve already made a dent in them!).

So we’re still talking about apples… though I’m trying to shift the kids over to alpacas because on the 29th we’ll be going to a local alpaca farm where they raise alpaca and make yarn! I had no idea this was nearby and I’m super excited to go. Hopefully I won’t forget my camera! Also during that weekend is the Griffith Fall Harvest Craft Show, which we’ll also be visiting. Maybe we’ll see something made out of the yarn from that farm!

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