Charlotte’s Web and Minecraft

Wow, I haven’t posted here in a long time. Rest assured I’m still here, and I’m still homeschooling. I recently did another read-through of The Well-Trained Mind and decided to get back on track with some things we’d deviated from.

We’re currently reading through Charlotte’s Web and using a highly modified version of these lesson plans. It’s not available for Kindle, unfortunately, but used copies of the book are pretty cheap. Some of our modifications include not looking up the vocabulary words until we come to them and going through it much more quickly than recommended. Although the latter comes mostly from the fact that the kids can’t get enough of the book, and keep asking for more.

We’ve also recently gotten a family Minecraft server. (We’re getting it through Kerplunc Gaming, which is great and cheap!) Minecraft has so much potential to be used for education in a wide range of subjects. I’m glad that we finally have enough computers that can run it playably and enough accounts to make using it for “school” a possibility! Setting up all the plugins we want on the server has been an educational experience for Darkstarmatryx and me. I decided not to use MinecraftEdu, though it’s a wonderful option for less technologically inclined parents, and probably a necessity for teachers dealing with more than 4 kids.

In other news, Yuji restarted her blog; she said she wants to take off the things I helped her post and learn to do it all on her own. I’m more than happy to oblige and help her learn things like scanning and organizing papers, taking screenshots, uploading, etc. in addition to getting some reading and writing practice!

So expect more updates about what we’re doing, from both her and me.

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