Handwriting Without Tears wants to make all other handwriting programs illegal

A Washington lobby-group called Handwriting Standards has popped up, and they are proposing national handwriting standards for public, private, and home schools. This group was created and is fully funded and operated by Handwriting Without Tears. So to put things in laymen terms, the Handwriting Without Tears company wants to make anything other than their products illegal.

This hasn’t actually come out of nowhere; Handwriting Without Tears founder Jan Olsen began announcing seven years ago that she would be doing this, but no one took her seriously. She has now organized a way to do this while seeming neutral, while in truth the proposed standards would mean their product – and their product only – follow these standards.

Their “research” suggests that bad handwriting is linked to difficulty in other academic areas; but how is this measured? They are only giving out quotes taken out of context. Are teachers taking off points for penmanship? Mistaking things for the wrong answer because it is not written clearly (this happened to me a lot in school!)?

Regardless, everyone should be free to choose a handwriting method. If handwriting standards are nationally enforced today, standards in another subject can be forced tomorrow, and we can all end up forced to purchase curricula that does not work for our children. What can be done to stop Handwriting Standards?

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