Why SCHOOL shouldn’t be like school

I think they drew the completely wrong conclusion from these studies. Here is what I think was the key;

I just found this toy! Huh! Did you see that? Let me try to do that!”

“Wow, look at this toy. I wonder how it works? Let’s try this,”

It does not seem to me at all that teaching more at a young age is bad – what I’m seeing is that the teachers being interested made the children interested, and therefore the children learned more. So I’m seeing a more effective way to teach people of all ages.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that had already figured out that if you tell a child to do something, they resist, while if you do something with a child, they will usually do it happily. Learning is already conducted in this way in my household; I always say “lets do this” or “now we’re going to do that” rather than “now you’re going to do that.” Most of the homeschool curricula I have seen encourages this.

In many ways, traditional school discourages adults sitting down and doing things along with children. Traditional school is largely based on telling children exactly what to do and then telling them to do it. Thanks to the focus on passing standardized tests, schools don’t have time for things that can’t be graded by a computer, such as creativeness. Is this a part of why traditional school is failing? In my opinion, it is not only preschool that shouldn’t be like school, but all of school.

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