Wind Farm field trip

Last week we took our first official “field trip” to the Benton County Wind Farm! As an advocate of renewable green energy, I was surprised to find there are wind farms only about 60 miles away from me that I had no idea existed.

We learned a lot about wind power, got to see and touch a blade, stand inside the part of the blade that connects to the generator, see lots of wind turbines, and we even went up close and touched one. We discovered that the turbines are surprisingly quiet – the wind is noiser than the turbines. At some places we could hear a little bit of electricity crackling in the wires, but it was so subtle that we didn’t even notice it until we actually tried to listen for noise.

On the ride there and back we saw lots of cows and sheep, and even a skunk. It was a lot of fun (although I think I may have had the most fun :P ) and I can’t wait for our next field trip!

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